Emerald City Comic Con Report, Part 3: Pictures from the Floor

We had so many photos from this year's Emerald City that we couldn't fit them all into one post! If you've ever wondered what it's like to wander the floor of a sold-out comic convention, here's your photo tour. (Click any of the photos below for a larger image.) Smash ECCC 1 Outside the convention center.

Lego ECCC 1

Lego ECCC 2

Lego ECCC 3 Lego Rivendale! (We want to go to there.)

Smash ECCC lobby In the lobby, superheroes mingle with ordinary folk.

Crowd ECCC Crowd? What crowd?

Escalators ECCC Escalators are your best friend.

Batcave ECCC Welcome to the Batcave, kids!

Boom ECCC The Boom! Box.

Gotham ECCC Because we can't get enough of Legos... Gotham Park!!

R2D2 ECCC Life-sized Lego R2D2!

Fluffy ECCC Too fluffy and cute for words.

Alley ECCC Artists Alley took up three rooms this year — and we only got to see ours!