SMASH Reading at Green Bean Books

We can't stop singing the praises of Green Bean Books in Portland, Oregon. It's a wonderful children's bookstore — and even though it occupies a relatively small space, it feels like you could be lost for days in there. Green Bean pose

Last Saturday, writer Chris A. Bolton read from SMASH: TRIAL BY FIRE for a bunch of excited kids and eager parents.

Green Bean window

Green Bean sign

Kyle couldn't be there to read with him, so Chris's friend (and longtime Smash fan) Craig Fitzpatrick stepped in to provide voices for the Magus, Gareth, and other characters.

Green Bean Craig Helps

Green Bean reading

Green Bean Craig

Ordinarily, Kyle and Chris use a laptop to project individual panels onto a screen for their live readings. But since Green Bean has a simple outdoor setup, the audience had their own books to read along with Chris and Craig. Well, not everyone got her own book...

Green Bean Audrey

But they all managed to find a way to share!

Green Bean Reading

Green Bean Share