Throwback Thursday: Happy Halloween!

To celebrate our longtime love for our favorite holiday, we decided to set the prologue of Book One: Trial by Fire on Halloween night!

In this excerpt, Andrew (dressed in a homemade Defender costume he would later wear as Smash) discovers it isn’t easy being a hero.

Screenshot 2018-10-25 11.30.59.png
Screenshot 2018-10-25 11.31.08.png
Screenshot 2018-10-25 11.31.15.png
Screenshot 2018-10-25 11.31.25.png

We hope you all have a much more successful night of trick-or-treating than Smash!

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A Smashingly Good Review!

The Yakima Herald has a wonderful review of both SMASH books. Some highlights:


Brothers Chris and Kyle Bolton, author and illustrator, respectively, of the “Smash” series of graphic novels, have created a wonderfully funny and action-packed new addition to the realm of middle-grade comics.

I absolutely love the wonderful combination of story and art in the “Smash” books....I particularly enjoy Kyle’s artwork; it combines the goofiness of cult classics like the Tick with the youthful vigor of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes. Every panel is filled with the energy of a 10-year-old boy, with characters ready to bounce right off the page.


The text is challenging enough to engage a competent middle-grade reader but still accessible, hitting the perfect balance of being appealing and chortle-inducing while not raising too many parental eyebrows. And the warmth of the story, with its focus on familial relationships and the struggles that all kids face, gives it a universal appeal.

It’s a good time to be a young reader, with so many franchises aimed at the under-18 crowd. The “Smash” series is an exciting, compelling addition to the once-overlooked field of comics for kids, sure to appeal to everyone from fans of Iron Man to Wimpy Kid devotees.

Click here to read the full review! And if you're in the neighborhood, we'll be reading at the celebrated Inklings Bookshop in Yakima, Washington, on Saturday, July7th, at 2pm. Drop in and say hello!

SMASH Sells Out!

The sad news: you won't be able to order a copy of our graphic novel, SMASH: TRIAL BY FIRE, for a little while. That's because of the good news: our first printing is completely sold out!!!

Thanks for helping us sell out!

Have no fear, a 2nd printing is on the way, hopefully in August. In the meantime, you can keep reading the free weekly adventures of Smash at our webcomic:

Kyle and I wish to extend our grateful thanks to everyone who has supported SMASH and helped make it such a huge. We couldn't have sold out without your help!

There Will Be a SMASH Book 2!

We are thrilled to announce that we've just finalized a contract with Candlewick Press to publish SMASH BOOK TWO! And, as you can see, we're flying in circles over it.

For now, the title and plot of the book are sealed inside an underground vault in the Magus's secret lair and guarded round-the-clock by his Minions. While we don't have a publication date yet, rest assured we're working as fast as we can to bring new adventures of SMASH to all our fans.

Candlewick Press also published SMASH: TRIAL BY FIRE, our first all-ages graphic novel featuring 10-year-old superhero Smash, and we couldn't be more excited to work with them again.

In addition to creating a gorgeous book that's a pleasure to read, Candlewick has worked tirelessly to promote SMASH, leading to glowing reviews, literary prizes like the Oregon Spirit Book Award and Children's Choice Book Award, and a legion of young readers who have let us know they can't wait for more SMASH.

Smash Cover Small

We're especially excited to collaborate again with our fearless editor, Mary Lee Donovan, whose guidance and enthusiasm helped us develop our webcomic into a finished book we can be proud of. And we want to thank our agent, Bernadette Baker-Baughman at the Victoria Sanders Agency, for her patience, support, and all-around awesomeness.

We'll keep you updated as Book Two progresses. For more information, sign up for the mailing list in the margin at the right to get all the latest news while it's hot!

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