Emerald City 2010 Recap

We had a great time at this year's Emerald City Comic Con in a surprisingly sunny and warm) Seattle. Here are some pics. The Smash booth (me on the left, Kyle on the right)

Kyle signs his first body part (elbow).

... and his second (hip).

A packed house with a space-age ceiling.

Kyle poses with his Invisible Girl commission. (While I, evidently, am demonstrating the bunny hop.)

One of Kyle's heroes, comic artist Michael Golden.

The pre-CGI Hulk, Lou Ferrigno.

Erin Gray, from the Buck Rogers TV show.

And, of course, the costumes...

If you see a Cheshire Cat, who you gonna call?

The lesser-known Bald Lantern.

Most of us tried to forget this movie.

I really have no idea...


This one took me forever; I remember almost nothing about the movie Willow.

Us again.

Posing with Mom.

Being interviewed for KIRO radio. (I don't know if they ever ran the piece, but if anyone hears it online, please send us a link!)

Kyle poses with "super-fan" Christina Mackin. (That's our neighbor, the sensationally talented Rk Post, peeking up in the back.)

The Bolton brothers in action!

Team Smash! (With Kyle's wife Jamie, in the center.)