Stumptown Comics Fest 2010 Recap

This was our first year at the Stumptown Comics Fest, which has a different vibe from the other cons we've attended. It seemed more personal, in many ways — no big corporate icons or Hollywood displays. Just a lot of really talented creators displaying their art, surrounded by fans who are eager to see some great, distinctive work. Here's our table photo from the Stumptown Comics Pool, taken by Ocean Yamaha:

When Kyle gave Craig Thompson (writer/artist of Blankets) a Smash sketchbook, Jamie tried to sneak a paparazzi-style pic. But Craig wasn't having any of it...

... and insisted on a real pose. Which just makes him a thousand times awesomer.

Table 131: the House of Smash!

In front of the green banner is Raina Telgemeier, whose smile has fully recovered from the trauma in her terrific graphic novel Smile.

The figurines from The Atrox were irresistible.

From our table, we stared longingly at them all weekend.

The robot on the left is Boilerplate, the creation of Trophy Award-winner Paul Guinan.

The volunteers.

Scott Adsit (who plays Pete on 30 Rock) gets mobbed.

Nothing keeps you going like a cigarette girl with comics and candy.

The Stumptown Trophy Awards at Cosmic Monkey Comics.

Kyle's really hoping I win for Outstanding Artist, since he's the artist. (Stumptown misprinted my name instead, but I was all ready to accept it in his honor.)

Storm of Princess Witch Boy accepts the award for Outstanding All-Around Comics Person (or something like that) on behalf of Mayor Sam Adams.

Kyle works the room.

The Alter Egos Society.

The tireless Christina Mackin hopped behind the table to help out on Sunday.

Our table.

There weren't a lot of costumes at Stumptown, but you can always count on a pirate or two.

On the right, I'm demonstrating my infamous bunny hop. On the left, Kyle is demonstrating my demonstration. (That's Alan in the middle.)

These women (whose names I can't recall) have been collecting sketches for a big poster collage.

Kyle adds Smash next to work by Danielle Corsetto, Jennie Breeden, and others.

My "ready to grab you" trance.