Photos: Wordstock and the PNBA Nightcapper Events

Wow, what a busy weekend! On Sunday, we were at Portland's terrific Wordstock Festival of Words, where we read from Smash: Trial by Fire, answered questions, and signed books. Then we were off to the Nightcapper event for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association's annual conference, where we signed and handed out copies of Smash to booksellers and librarians from around the region. We were overwhelmed by all of the enthusiastic responses to the book, to say the least!

Bolton Bros Wordstock Kyle and I pose in the iconic Wordstock red chair.

Bolton Bros PNBA At our table at the PNBA Nightcapper event, waiting for the doors to open so we can unleash our powers.

Green Bean Huge thanks to Jennifer and all the folks at Portland's Green Bean Books for providing copies of Smash for sale and for signing at Wordstock!

Kyle Phone Kyle checks his notes before the Wordstock reading.

Bolton Bros Q&A Answering questions after the reading.

Kyle Signs Kyle autographs a copy of Smash at the signing table.

Bolton Bros Pose The Bolton brothers, posing with a young fan.

Smash Girl 1

Smash Girl 2 Girls love Smash, too!

Fill-in Panel I had the unexpected honor of being a fill-in moderator for the Visual Narrator panel, featuring some wonderful comic artists: Gene Luan Yang, Colleen Coover, Shannon Wheeler, Nicole J. Georges, and Mark Russell. It was great meeting them all!

Chris and Stina Sitting with one of our colorists, the amazing Christina Mackin!

Bolton Bros Fight

Bolton Bros Fight 2

Bolton Bros Fight 3 This is how most of our story conferences look. Kyle and I always make sure to respect the other's opinion, hear each other out, and come to a reasonable compromise.

Bolton Bros Make Up And, no matter how tough it gets, we always make up afterward.

Bolton Bros Nightcapper Arriving at the PNBA Nightcapper event.

Bolton Bros PNBA Before Before the event, books piled high.

Bolton Bros PNBA 1 From the minute the doors opened, booksellers showed up to tell us how excited they were for Smash!

Bolton Bros PNBA Line The line started long...

Bolton Bros PNBA Line 2 And got longer...

Bolton Bros PNBA Line 3 And longer...

Bolton Bros PNBA Line 4 And stayed long...

Bolton Bros PNBA After Until we were completely cleaned out!

Smash Fans PNBA Enthusiastic Smash fans!

Smash Wordstock We had a fantastic time at both shows, and can't wait for next year! Thanks for checking out our photos.