SMASH Goes to School!

Yesterday, SMASH creators Chris and Kyle Bolton went back to school! To the Oregon Episcopal School, that is, where they gave a presentation on "How to Make Comics — the SMASH Way!" First, Chris gave an overview of six easy steps kids can use to make their own comics. Then Kyle demonstrated how to draw Smash, giving tips and helpful pointers to all the young artists in the room.

They gave one presentation to two 5th grade classes (click here for pics), then another to a dozen middle school students. Even though both creators were a little nervous about talking to that many kids, they had a great time — and the kids were fantastic! Hugely enthusiastic, full of great questions, and head-over-heels for Smash!

Here are some pictures of the middle school session, courtesy of OES Web and Communications Editor Tom Berridge.

Chris and Kyle OES

Chris (left) listens happily to Kyle's drawing advice.

Kyle at Board

Kyle demonstrates how the design of Smash basically boils down to a large circle above a bunch of rectangles. (The artists in the audience were amazed by that!)

Poster Lineup

When the Boltons finished, the lineup to get posters signed began.

Kyle Draws

Librarian Patrick Fuller looks on as Kyle sketches Smash for some eager fans.

Smash Sketch

One young artist takes Kyle's lesson to heart with a great Smash sketch of her own!

HUGE thanks are owed to OES's wonderful librarians: Lara Ingham, Heidi Hackenjos, and Patrick Fuller. (Extra-special thanks to Emily Alkek from Powell's Books for setting up the event!)