Another Great Review for SMASH!

Smash Cover SMASH: TRIAL BY FIRE just got a great write-up on the website Bookslut (don't worry, it's safe to read!) from ace blogger Colleen Mondor, who calls it "a funny story with bright artwork and a nice wide size that early readers should enjoy exploring on their own."

She goes on to write:

SMASH has a lot of humor....[Chris] Bolton makes Andrew extremely believable and lets him fulfill a few kid fantasies along with the more serious hero stuff. Kyle Bolton's artwork is perfect; the faces are very expressive, and he captures Andrew's alternately confident and overwhelmed expressions with aplomb. Elementary-schoolers are going to get a lot of joy out of this one, and I hope a sequel, set up by the final pages, will be released soon.

Click here to read the whole column. Thanks, Colleen!

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