Presenting...the SMASH Blog Tour!

Tuesday is the big day! Hard to believe it's almost here after so much time and anticipation. Not only are we celebrating Book Launch Week, but we're also kicking off...

The 2013 SMASH Blog Tour!!

Smash Cover Small

"What's a blog tour?" you ask. Well, it's a lot like a book tour, but instead of physically traveling to stores for in-person readings, we've written and drawn pieces for some of the best book blogs I've had the pleasure to lay eyes on.

Here's the schedule:

Monday, 9/9: Random Chalk Talk — Guest Post on the evolution of SMASH from webcomic to book.

Monday, 9/9: Book Blog — Guest Post on the birth of Smash, featuring the scandalous true story how we designed and created the character.

Tuesday, 9/10: Who R U Blog — Q&A with Kyle and me talking about what it's like to work together as brothers and other titillating tales.

Wednesday, 9/11: Book Bitch — Exclusive interview with none other than Smash himself! (Plus a surprise guest.)

Thursday, 9/12: Cynsations — Guest Post, "Graphic Novel 101" — how we make the comic.

Friday, 9/13: Green Bean Teen Queen — Guest Post about the magic of libraries and how they helped create a certain pint-sized superhero.

Saturday, 9/14: Charlotte's Library — Guest Post featuring a comic titled "The True Origin of the Brothers Bolton." Yes, it's all true!

Monday, 9/16: Hooked On Books — Guest Post featuring the SMASH playlist, for the perfect soundtrack to accompany the book!

Tuesday, 9/17: Bildungsroman — Q&A with Kyle and me.

Whew! In case you lost count, that's an entire week of SMASH bloggy goodness! We can't wait to share them with you — and we'd love to hear what you think. It's going to be an amazing week...