The SMASH 2013 Blog Tour Begins!

Today, we kick off the 2013 Blog Tour! I'll update you at least once a day on where each post will appear and what we'll be babbling about this time. First stop: a guest post on the Random Chalk Talk blog about "How A Webcomic Becomes A Book." Blogger extraordinaire Jennie Smith even starts off with some lovely words for Smash: Trial by Fire:

The art work, plot and pure fun of this novel will keep you turning the page to see what happens and will definitely leave you wanting for more at the end! I can't wait to see the next novel!

Believe me, Jennie — neither can we!

Click here to head on over and check out the post. And be sure to have a look around Random Chalk Talk — you'll find a lot of great blog posts to read!

Next stop: the Powell's Books blog, where I write a piece about the birth of Smash — how an idea for an all-ages comic took shape into the book you can hold on your hands tomorrow!

To check out the full tour, click here.