This is a big day for us. One we've been working toward for years. Today's the day our little superhero becomes a real book — Smash: Trial by Fire goes on sale today! Smash Is Published

It's been an amazing ride from a simple idea to a finished book we can hold in our hands and pass along to others. Kyle and I are both overwhelmed today by all of the love and support we've received, and the incredible wave of enthusiasm from friends, family, and readers alike.

If I have one regret, it's that we packed the book pretty full. A little too full, maybe — there was no room for an Acknowledgements page where we could thank all of the many people who have helped make this possible. I'd like to give a special shout-out to our agent, Bernadette Baker-Baughman, for seeing through the rough edges of our scrappy little webcomic to the potential underneath — and for being so supportive and understanding with us.

Thanks also to our fantastic editor at Candlewick Press, Mary Lee Donovan, who was endlessly patient with a couple of newbies and provided a ceaseless parade of excellent suggestions and feedback throughout the long but wonderful revision process. Working alongside Mary Lee was Nathan Pyritz, our designer, who made the book so beautiful — and made that whole process seem easy, even though we know for a fact that it wasn't! Erika Denn has been extremely helpful with publicity, in particular doing a terrific job of organizing our blog tour and upcoming events.

Our colorists, Christina Mackin and Sarah Barrie Fenton, worked very hard to make these colors pop on every page. It sure wasn't easy, but hopefully the end result was worth every drop of sweat. (We certainly think so!)

Last but not least, huge thanks to YOU. Yeah, YOU! Without your enthusiasm for SMASH, we would literally be nowhere. Every single one of you — whether you have supported us over the years or just bought the book and found your way to the website two seconds ago — has earned our eternal gratitude. Big hugs to you all!

If you're wondering where to find a copy of Smash, we have some links on the margin to the right. Check out Indiebound for the nearest independent bookseller near you. Even if they don't have it in stock, they can order a copy faster than Smash can fly one into their hands!

Now, as I dry my eyes, I just want to take a brief moment to mention that the 2013 SMASH Blog Tour continues today! The WhoRUBlog has a lovely review of the book and a Q&A with Kyle and me.

And, if you missed it yesterday, the Powell's Books Blog has an essay I wrote about the creation of Smash, titled "A Smash Is Born." This one has particular sentimental value for me, as I worked at Powell's for several years and it was a nice homecoming to return as an author.

And again, thank you all for being here on this monumental day for Kyle and me. We've got a lot more to come — and we hope you'll be beside us the whole way!