Kyle Bolton Interview at NW Book Lovers Blog!

The blog NW Book Lovers interviewed Kyle about Smash, his drawing inspirations, and more! And writer Kristianne Huntsberger had some lovely things to say about Smash: Trial by Fire:

Chris' energetic storytelling and Kyle's bright illustrations capture readers in the thrill and confusion of Andrew's new powers and leave us all wondering what will happen to the hero as he tries to grow into them.

Bolton Bros

Big thanks to Kristianne for taking the time and interest to meet with Kyle!

Click here to read the interview.

Day #3 of the SMASH Blog Tour!

First off, Kyle and I want to take a moment to thank everyone who came out for our reading last night at Powell's Books in Portland, OR. It was a truly amazing way to launch our book, and we're both incredibly grateful to have shared it with you. We'll post more pictures soon, but for now, just a taste...

Bolton Bros

Here's Kyle (on the left) and I during our PowerPoint reading from Smash: Trial by Fire. The Magus looks down — approvingly? Eh, probably not.

Smash Pop

What could possibly be better than a delicious Smash cake pop..?

Smash Mob

How about a whole mob of delicious Smash cake pops?!

It was a wonderful night with a fantastic turn-out. Kyle and I truly couldn't be happier!

Today in the Blog Tour, the Book Bitch blog has something special for you: an interview with none other than Smash himself! (And there may be a surprise guest... but we aren't spoiling the secret!)

InkOutbreak Q&A: Smash

Smash Blue Are you familiar with InkOutbreak? If not, you should be — we have a little banner for it over there to the right, above that Top Webcomics banner.

InkOutbreak is a great site where you can view a TON of webcomics, choose the ones you want to follow, block the ones you don't like, and get your regular fix with no muss, no fuss.

If you need an excuse to check the site out, here's one: Kyle and I answered a Q&A that InkOutbreak is featuring right now! Click here to start reading — and leave a quick comment to let us know if we sound cool or lame.