Day #3 of the SMASH Blog Tour!

First off, Kyle and I want to take a moment to thank everyone who came out for our reading last night at Powell's Books in Portland, OR. It was a truly amazing way to launch our book, and we're both incredibly grateful to have shared it with you. We'll post more pictures soon, but for now, just a taste...

Bolton Bros

Here's Kyle (on the left) and I during our PowerPoint reading from Smash: Trial by Fire. The Magus looks down — approvingly? Eh, probably not.

Smash Pop

What could possibly be better than a delicious Smash cake pop..?

Smash Mob

How about a whole mob of delicious Smash cake pops?!

It was a wonderful night with a fantastic turn-out. Kyle and I truly couldn't be happier!

Today in the Blog Tour, the Book Bitch blog has something special for you: an interview with none other than Smash himself! (And there may be a surprise guest... but we aren't spoiling the secret!)